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Goods transportation from USA, America

Delivery methods

Usually goods delivery from the USA is made with United States Postal Service (USPS) or with United Parcel Service (UPS). Let’s have a look at the main peculiarities of both postal services.

USPS Postal Service

The service has several merchandise delivery variants:

•    Express Mail International (EMI) – the delivery is made to the address indicated by a customer. There are limits to weight and sizes: weight of a cargo must not be greater than 30 kg, length must not exceed 91.4 cm, and girth combined can’t be bigger than 2 m. Maximal insurance sum must not exceed 2500 $, while the merchandise with a cost lower than 100 $ is insured without an insurance fee. The delivery period is between 7 and 14 days.

•    Priority Mail International – a cargo is delivered to the post office, from where the local post can deliver the parcel to the indicated address or you can take it by yourself from the office. Weight of a parcel must not be greater than 20 kg, length must not exceed 106.7 cm, and girth combined can’t be bigger than 2 m. The insurance sum more than 2500 $ is prohibited and the insurance fee must be paid separately. The delivery period is between 14 and 30 days.

•    First-Class Mail International – a cargo is delivered to the indicated post office. Weight of the parcel must not be greater than 2 kg, length must not exceed 59 cm, and girth combined can’t be bigger than 88 cm. The cargo sent with this variant of delivery is not insured. The delivery period is between 20 and 40 days.

Using USPS service it’s necessary to take into consideration that the time of delivery from the seller of ordered merchandise and from stated online stores to the company office must be added to the delivery time indicated above. With all this the delivery of merchandise from seller depends on delivery method which is chosen by seller, on shipping place of bought merchandise, and also on availability of the cargo in warehouse at the moment of the order.

Usually the ordered merchandise, which comes from seller, is received from storehouse after 2-14 days.

Moreover, about two days may be spent at warehouse on repeated packing of the merchandise and on preparation of the order for delivery with postal service.

Posterior duty registrations also may detain the sending of merchandise. Such delays more frequently happen at the beginning and in the middle of autumn (during September and October), and also in the middle of winter (at the end of December and in January).

After dispatch every parcel gets its unique number, which is called tracking number, and by which a route of merchandise can be tracked. To learn where your parcel is now, you just need to visit the site of the postal service and insert your tracking number into the proper tracking field, and then the system will instantly show the location of your merchandise at the moment.

Parcel service UPS

UPS is the fastest way to delivery bought merchandise. Merchandise is delivered to the address indicated by you. Delivery time is between 3 and 5 days. All parcels must be insured.

Items sent with the service have their unique numbers with which a route and current location of the delivered merchandise may be tracked.

The number is sent to a customer with mail after his order was dispatched with UPS service. To learn location of your parcel you just need to insert its number into the proper tracking field in the site of the service

If the value of merchandise is less than 5000 Russian roubles, then at delivering customs duty is not paid off.

Customs clearance and state duties

All orders purchased in our company must cross the border of the United States. According to this, certain procedures of customs appear which have to be passed through to let your parcel leave. Customs service must make an inspection of all postal packages which either enter the country or leave it. This means that the contents of all parcels are checked on absence of disagreements with legislation of the state. In addition, customs service verifies if all customs duties for postal packages were discharged. According to law, the duty is paid by purchaser of merchandise.

Each state has certain predefined maximal amount of commodity price, the exceeding of which indicates the necessity to pay customs duty. In case if outgoing merchandise must be sent with payment of customs duty, recipient receives a notification about customs cargo. This notification means that you will have to pay customs duty in your regional customs office. It must be admitted that the merchandises sent with Express Mail International and Airmail undergo simplified procedures of customs.

Let’s examine an example of customs duty calculation for Russian Federation in the case merchandise is delivered with USPS (First-Class, Priority, Express).

Assume that you have bought a commodity which costs 12 000 Russian roubles.

The limit sum which is not levied equals to 10 000 roubles. This means that the commodity has exceeded the defined maximal non-taxable sum for 2000 roubles.

It is necessary to calculate 30% from the exceeded sum of 2000 roubles that equals to 600 roubles which will be the sum of customs duty to pay. In addition, 250 roubles are paid for customs legalization.

Hence, the purchased merchandise along with the payment of customs duty will cost 12 850 roubles.

Custom duty must be calculated for the total value of all purchased merchandises which are packed into a parcel.

Merchandises delivered with postal services can’t be resold.

The practice of postal delivery shows that it is more advantageously to send several small parcels than a big one, because in this case customs duties will be lesser. But for all that the parcels must be sent with periodicity of a week or addressed to different recipients.

Customs duties are not included into the total value of merchandise delivery and must be paid by purchaser in the regional customs office. Customs duties must be paid according to the value of all commodities in a parcel.

Merchandise insurance

Insurance amounts for different merchandises may be found on the delivery methods page.

Prohibited commodities

Import of the following commodities to the territory of Russian Federation is prohibited:

1.    Chemical substances dangerous for people, flora and fauna, and those created for treatment of different diseases.
2.    Color copiers.
3.    Currency of Russian Federation, cheque and various currencies of Vneshtorgbank and Bank of foreign economic activities, capital issues, loan securities, and lottery bulletins.
4.    Explosive substances, including pyrotechnics, matches, combustible mixtures, and pyrophoric alloy.
5.    Ammunition, weapons, cold weapon, thrust and cutting weapons.
6.    Beekeeping products: honey, farina, honeycomb, beeswax.
7.    Printed editions, including books, magazines, newspapers, pictures, manuscripts and documents which contain materials that may harm security of the state, and also its order, morality, rights of ownership and different rights of citizens of Russian Federation.
8.    Radioactive substances.
9.    Radio receivers and transmitters of various powers excluding phones of the following models: Panasonic KX-T7980, KX-T9000, KT–T9050 and KX-T90890.
10.    Undeveloped photographic and other films which have photosensitivity.
11.    Jewelry and items made of precious stones and metals.

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