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Delivery from USA, America service prices


Below there are prices for purchasing of merchandises in our online store, including our commission charges and all necessary services which we give to our customers.


1.    The total cost of the merchandise bought in our store will be formed by several constituent parts: cost of the merchandise in an online store, online store commission charges - 8% from the value of the merchandise, delivery to warehouse of the online store within the borders of the USA (frequently is free) and delivery to the indicated address of a customer.

2.    For example, if a commodity in an online store costs 150$, this sum must be added with commission charges of the store in the amount of 8% which makes up 12$, delivery within the USA borders is assumed as 0$ and delivery to your address is 35$. Hence, the total commodity cost is 197$.

3.    In spite of the fact that commission charges of online store make up 8% from commodity value, the minimal sum of commission charges can not be less than 10$ for a lot or a basket. In case an order is made of commodities from several online stores, commission charges make up 10$ for each store (not for each lot).

For example, if you bought a first commodity in an online store and paid the price of 50$ then commission charges will make up 10$. A second commodity bought at another online store for 30$ also will produce 10$ of commission charges. Totally the commission charges for both lots will make up 20$.

But if you buy both lots at one and the same online store then the total price for the commodities will make up 50$ + 30 $ that equals to 80$ and the commission charges will be calculated as 10$.

4.    Commodity keeping terms in warehouse of the online store

Your commodity may be kept in our warehouse for free no longer than during 3 months; afterwards you will need to pay 10$ monthly for every lot.


5.    Verification of availability of a commodity in warehouse and of its compliance with indicated parameters and with information about required workability is made for free.

6.    According to wish of a customer we can make a photo shot of commodity and send the picture to e-mail address of the customer. The payment for the service is 10$ for every photo.

7.    Compilation of several parcels into one costs 10$.

8.    We give consultations to our customers concerning the questions about purchasing of commodities. Our consultations about merchandise purchasing in an online store are given for free.

9.    We also can provide you with necessary addresses within the country. The addresses in the USA on your demand are provided from calculation of 10$ for every parcel, to which 10$ are added for compilation of a single parcel from several parcels, if needed.


10.   For wholebuyers price of our services to be negotiated.



Payment methods


In the store for purchase you can use the following payment methods:


1. Bank transfer payment


In this case money is transferred from your bank account through a correspondent bank (if necessary) into our bank account, or money transfer may be arranged directly from your account into our account.


All needed bank details for the transfer will be sent to your e-mail address.


A payment may be arranged with any bank which is located on the territory of Russia or in any other country. To make the payment, you have to open a new or use your old currency account, place to the account the sum needed for the payment adjusted for bank interest for the transfer, and then transmit this money to our account according to the details received through e-mail. Bank transfer payment is a convenient and quick method. It takes about half an hour to open an account and such payment method goes for all countries.


2. Payment with PayPal


PayPal is the most popular electronic payment system in the foreign sector of Internet payments. PayPal payment is almost identical to the payments made with credit cards, such as Visa or MasterCard. The difference is only that PayPal provides additional security guarantee because in this payment method the number of credit card is not reported to an online store. You can register in PayPal by visiting the official site


3. Payment with WebMoney


WebMoney system ( provides real-time online-payments by using special payment units called WebMoney units. These units are given the status of real currencies – Russian roubles (RUR), dollars (USD), euro (EUR), hryvnias (UAH) and others. To register in WebMoney transfer system you need to have an identification number and one or several internet-wallets with a currency. Payment is made by transferring money to the wallet of a seller.


4. Western Union payment


The system implements payments using international money transfer systems which may be found on the site


The payment with international money transfer systems is carried out in the following way. You should address yourself to the nearest office of the system, show your passport, state your surname, name and patronymic and all necessary details of the transfer’s recipient, send the transfer to him and obtain a control number. The control number must be given to the recipient that will make possible for him to get the transfer.


It must be underlined that each of the payment systems gives certain guarantees of your money transfer’s security and provides the safest methods of purchasing in an online store.

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