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Buying goods from USA, America at Ebay

How to Make Purchases on eBay

Auction eBay was created 14 years ago and today the representatives from more than 200 counties take part in its auctions that proves the high reliability of the service.


Necessary tips to buy on eBay

To avoid problems while buying on eBay you should follow the rules listed above:


1.    Check feedback from other purchasers concerning a seller to learn how much you can trust this seller. Honest sellers rate highly their reputation on the auction and will not harm it.


2.    Evaluate the cost for merchandise delivery. The delivery cost is given either at the end of the auction page as «delivery, payment details and return rules for purchased merchandise», or the delivery cost may be mentioned among the information about the merchandise being sold.


3.    Pay attention to guarantees. If they are absent the merchandise description contains «as is» or «condition unknown» labels. In this case there is no guarantee that you’ll buy the merchandise in the condition which is suitable for intended use. Furthermore, the absence of a guarantee means that you not always can return merchandise and get repayment if you have bought spoilt merchandise. That’s why we strongly recommend reading very carefully the description of a commodity in the auction, especially details about possible return of merchandise. This information is located at the bottom of the auction page. Only after examination of the merchandise, of guarantees and return rules, you will be able to understand which rights will be given to you at the time of purchasing of the merchandise. It must be admitted that in the absence of sufficient guarantee for a commodity you most likely can not expect that the commodity is fully suitable for use and also that in the future you will be able to refund the spoilt commodity or return it in the case of improper functioning.

4.    Pay attention to packing list. Do not expect that you will get in the set spare details, materials and accessories, which you could purchase with new merchandise buying it in usual store. Examine the list of the parts which are sold with the commodity or search phrase «all original accessories included». Only in this case you can expect getting the merchandise with all utilities as if you bought a similar new commodity at store. In case information of the kind is absent you most probably will get the merchandise without additional items.

5.    Have a critical eye at the auction page, its design, images, and at appearance of the merchandise which is represented on a photo or a picture. Law quality of listed above may evidence that the deal on the auction also will be of poor quality.

6.    To be sure you will get your purchase at target date you should examine the information about location of the person selling the merchandise. This information you may find in the upper part of the auction page under the inscription «Item location». Furthermore, delivery time depends on delivery method which is proposed for the merchandise and which may be found at the end of the page under the inscription «Shipping, payment details and return policy».

7.    If you want to make on the auction successful deals only, do not make bids on the commodities for which:

a.    Seller has positive feedback less than 98%.
b.    Commodity has to be paid for only with Western Union.
c.    Price of the commodity is groundlessly high.
d.    Commodity is obviously an illegal copy or a fake.
e.    Delivery cost and return information are not given.
f.    Commodity is labeled with inscriptions «untested» or «condition unknown».

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