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FAQ about goods from USA, America

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What services are provided by your online store?

We provide the services of goods delivery from the international auction eBay and from any online store of the United States.


What benefits can I gain by using your services?

First of all you may gain the price. In eBay auction you have a possibility to purchase high quality goods of American manufacture for a low price. The thing is that within the borders of Russia all imported goods are sold with high price markup because of high customs duties, sellers’ commission charges and other overhead expenses. Buying goods on eBay you may gain significant money savings up to 90% from any purchase made on the auction. Besides new goods, on eBay you may buy used commodities in a very good state, and the prices for these commodities are considerably lower.


Why the prices on eBay auction and in your online store are so low?

Imported goods are sold in Russia with high price markup which is connected with overhead expenses – customs duties, sellers’ commission charges and with other duties and expenses. Furthermore, many shops in Russia intentionally make rise in prices because of absence of a possible alternative for a customer. Buying on eBay you have bigger choice. Additionally an online store must not pay the rent for market space and the wages of maintenance staff, and these factors are also assisting in lowering the commodity price on the auction or in an online-store.


Why should I use the services of intermediary while buying merchandise?

Intermediary plays a significant role in purchasing a commodity on the auction or in an online store. If you have an intermediary you do not have to open a banking card, there is no need to register in all online stores and also you need not an account in eBay or PayPal. The absence of knowledge of English and of all peculiarities of bidding in online auctions may limit you in correct merchandise selection and purchase. Availability of an intermediary solves all problems of the kind. The intermediary will make everything for you. With help of the intermediary you gain a possibility to buy even those kinds of products which are shipped only within the territory of the USA. Our company thinks about the maximal benefits of our customers from a purchase, we also check the goods which are being bought to compliance with presented description, send the parcel to a customer and track its travel line to make the parcel reach the consignee safe and sound.


Why an intermediary is more advantageous than unassisted delivery?

If you use the services of an intermediary you will get many advantages. You will be able to purchase goods in several online stores at once and send it in one parcel that is cheaper then through sending to Russia from a seller. Furthermore, sellers usually use more expensive messenger services such as DHL, UPS and others, while using which the hardhips with customs service may appear. Our parcels are sent to addressees with United States Postal Service that is more economical, and a commodity passes customs office without any problems and reaches a buyer.


What is the period of merchandise shipping?

Our parcels are shipped within 3-4 days from the moment when we receive merchandise from seller or online store.


What are the difficulties in buying on eBay and in online stores without an intermediary?

More frequently foreign internet stores and eBay accept for payment banking credit cards or payments made with PayPal. Registration of a new account in PayPal may cause difficulties. Also you may face difficulties while trying to make a payment with credit card of a Russian bank. Furthermore, only small part of American sellers sends their goods outside the borders of the USA. Usually the best and cheapest lots can not be sent outside the USA. And even those Russian purchasers which do have PayPal account face the difficulties in buying and sending merchandise.


What is more profitable – to buy on eBay or in an online store?

The goods of high quality and of low prices may be found both in online stores and on the auction. The buyers who are interested in a definite topic may use specialized stores, for example, watch or sport stores. If you want to save significantly or to search for a collection commodity you should better start from eBay.


How is the payment for your services made?

Our services may be paid with a bank transfer (Wire Transfer), and also with WebMoney, Western Union and PayPal.


When is the payment for a lot made? May I pay for a lot and then pay for the delivery separately, after the calculation of the precise delivery price?

The payment for a lot on eBay is made after receiving the money transferred from you. You may also pay for the lot and for delivery inside the USA, and the delivery to your address and our commission charges may be paid later.


May I cancel the paid order and refund the money?

A purchase may be cancelled only until the moment of redemption of your lot by our system. If a commodity on eBay is marked with «By It Now» then the commodity is bought by us instantly after your payment. In this case it is impossible to cancel the purchase.


For goods in online stores purchase is made during 24 hours. In this case you have a possibility to cancel a purchase before you are reported that the commodity was bought by us in the store.


Furthermore, a purchase may be cancelled if the bidding for this lot has not yet been finished.


If you cancel a purchase before we buy your merchandise then you will get your money back.


How should I know if the seller of merchandise is trustworthy?

All sellers on the auction have ratings. This rating is shown in brackets after the name of the seller. The number means the quantity of deals which were made by the seller. The more the number, the bigger trust is for the seller who works on eBay for a long time and has got the faith of buyers. To get a good rating a seller must have no less then 500 deals. The other indicator that defines the reliability of a seller is the relation between positive and negative feedbacks. It should not be less then 97% of positive ones.


We also by ourselves check the rating and reliability of a seller for you.


How can I correctly choose the size of clothing or shoes buying it online?

We give the tables with clothing and shoes sizes. If you have questions, you may consult with our specialists.


What should I do if I got defective merchandise?

We offer the services of purchased goods checking. The service is paid and equals to 10$ for every commodity or for a set if it is delivered in aggregate packing.


Electronics is checked for correct switching on and switching off.


A commodity is checked by examining the parameters indicated in the commodity’s description such as color and size, also the commodity is inspected for defects.


If you order the check of purchased merchandise but it was delivered with a defect then we take an obligation to take the commodity back and transmit the sum paid by you to your account.


How can I calculate the full price of merchandise?

Our site provides the calculator with which you may preliminarily calculate the cost of a parcel of both small and big sizes.


Is there a possibility of sending merchandise to several addresses at once?

Yes, you may indicate how your parcel should be assembled at warehouse and send it to needed addresses. Such possibility is especially convenient if you want to send a purchased commodity as a present.


What is the check of purchased merchandise?

Check is a paid service which is made directly in our warehouse. In the course of the check we unpack your commodity and check the contents of the packing according to the description and also its functionality. If a defect is found in the course of the check then the merchandise must be sent by us back to a seller. In this case the order becomes invalid and money paid for the merchandise return to your account. The check service costs 10$.


What is the procedure of actions if a parcel is lost?

If the parcel was insured then our company makes the declaration which is passed to the organization which is responsible for search of postage packages. In case if the parcel is not found during a month (30 calendar days), the carrier which executed the sending of your parcel must refund an insurance premium and then we return money to buyer’s account. It must be admitted that such losses during postal delivery occur very rarely.


What are the guarantees given by your company?

There is an agreement on the site which is proposed to read for each customer who plans to use our services. During the registration process every customer must make an electronic signature that means his consent with the terms of the agreement.

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